Megamind Creations has helped Mygoodness, which is dedicated to encouraging generosity to spread one donation at a time. You can start a domino effect of donations to reliable organisations that matter most to you and your neighbourhood in just three easy steps. With the help of their online connections in their communities, Mygoodness is on a mission to change the way millennials give money to deserving causes. They believe that by modernising how individuals find and choose charities for 21st-century lifestyles, there is a significant chance to encourage altruistic giving habits.

Problem Faced

For bringing their "IDEA to LIFE" mygoodness team was looking for some team with fast development speed but without compromising the quality. They were already disppointed by 3 teams before coming to Megamind Creations


To create a platform that can encourage donors to donate for different causes and starting chains of sharing those causes.


Megamind Creations used its Rapid Development Framework to get that ready in less than a month. Paypal Donation Buttons were used to complete the donations with the automatic reminders, weekly and monthly reports, and receipts, etc.

Current Status

MVP is launched and now being used by actual users.

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