Exercises in digital upskilling are expensive and difficult to implement for any organisation. Due to the rapid advancement of technology, it is challenging for businesses to stay up with employing traditional enterprise learning practices because digital skills are always changing and improving. To meet this requirement, a lot of organisations turned to online education. Even if there are a huge number of online learning tools available, learning and development professionals still struggle to give students the greatest experience while also encouraging continuous self-learning. DigiFit is here to fill in the gaps in the online learning world's puzzle.

Problem Faced

The client was asking for a solution that can provide better insights into digital upskill programs running for their enterprise customers with Badges and reward systems.


To develop a solution which help elderly users to upskill their digital skills. As target users were 40+ age group, so making a simple and easy to use UX was the primary goal.


Megamind developed end to end web-based solution which provides content from Udemy and other 3rd party providers. This solution also encourages users to complete their courses and recommends new courses based on their history.

Current Status

Development is completed successfully and it is deployed for employees of a library in South Australia.

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