SmartHeal makes wound care simpler. takes high-quality wound images that you may store and review at the patient's bedside. Additionally, it enables healthcare personnel to edit and supplement that data from any location while also enabling remote sharing of wound data. You may save time, labor, and money by using this digital wound-dressing kit. It offers precise wound measures and evaluations of the site's redness, wetness, dryness, or potential infection. Additionally, it offers dressing suggestions drawn from a vast library of dressings, eliminating any uncertainty.

Problem Faced

Traditional ways of wound care management are not efficient. SmartHeal helps this industry by providing efficient ways of managing data and performing analysis on the existing data.


Simplifying Tedious Wound Care Workflows


Developed End to End solution leveraging AI/ML and Image Processing for faster and better management and analysis of Wound Care Data.

Current Status

MVP for Phase 1 is launched and being used by actual users.

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