The FieldApp from CloudFarming is a software product that integrates real-time harvest data from the FieldBot with cutting-edge analytics to give users transformational farm management and yield analyses. The FieldApp records yield information for specific employees at the point of harvest, enabling total supply chain transparency and greatly streamlining the piece rate calculation process. Workers may easily use FieldApp, which gives farmers access to a live dashboard where they can view harvest data in real time from any computer or mobile device.

Problem Faced

Adding an offline data recording mechanism and automatic data synchronisation whenever the network is available. Another challenging part was to integrate BLE based weighing scale which the customer was unable to send as it was only available in Australia.


To create an app which can work with and without a network without affecting user experience. Integrating a BLE-based weighing scale without physically having it while development.


Megamind took this challenge and successfully delivered all functionalities. Having past experience and expertise in BLE, Megamind successfully integrated weighing scale without actually having it physically while development

Current Status

This product is under the Alpha release phase.

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