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At Megamind Creations, we're all about turning bold ideas into reality. Our goal? To deliver maximum value with minimum fuss, ensuring your product not only meets but exceeds market expectations. Get ready for the "Aha!" moments and high-fives—we're here to make your MVP journey smooth, magical, and unforgettable.

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Why MVP Development?

A minimum viable product is a beacon for startups when embarking on an entrepreneurial journey. With a pared-down version of your product, you can hit the market quickly, reducing risks while maximizing opportunities

Launch Earlier

Generally MVP development process takes from 4 weeks to 5 months.Which results in faster income, real results, and investors’ interest

Deliver Excellence

MVP’s are meticulously crafted to deliver excellence at every stage helping you set a high standard right from the start

Iterate Faster

With a MVP, you will quickly enter the real market, validate your idea, and gather timely feedback to navigate necessary product improvements

Maximise ROI

By helping you launch earlier, we reduce your cost to market. Our rapid iteration process enables you to learn faster

Transform Your Breakthrough Idea into Reality With
Our MVP Development Services

A Minimum Viable Product is a great tool to determine the product’s potential in the market. This development technique emphasises validated learning. MVP is a 1.0 version of a product. In minimum functionality, an MVP offers maximum value.

We begin by validating a product idea, receive invaluable user insights and quickly iterate and improve a product, before fully developing it.

Our Approach

We follow a definite process in order to rapidly launch an MVP in the market. For each solution, we follow the learn, build and measure approach

Step 1


This involves business analysis, design and architecture consulting. We’ll handle the required analysis, identify the feature list for further MVP development and a full software version, describe required integrations, and the appropriate tech stack. Our discovery packages depend on specific business requirements and goals.

  • Deliverables
  • Product brief
  • Vision and scope
  • Project proposal
  • Design concept and/or wireframes
  • Architecture description with 3rd parties integrations details
Step 2


Based on the user personas and user journeys we create MVP UX design so that users get used quickly and drive conversions. The custom UI design is always made following your brand book and accessibility requirements. Our communication style makes you fully involved in the MVP app design and development process.

  • Targeting one key feature
  • Mockups ready for development and design library
  • Time 4-10 days
Step 3

Developments and Testing

Megamind Creation takes care of the back and front end of your MVP app. We build MVPs with code stability and flexibility in mind. A developed MVP undergoes various manual and automated tests to validate its performance, compliance with standards and regulations, browser and device compatibility

  • An error-free working MVP with supporting documentation
  • Time: 2-6 months
Step 4

Launch and Support

Once an MVP is published, we can start collecting the market data, based on which we decide either to evolve the product or to apply changes to cater to the users’ needs and expectations. Megamind Creation provides a free 30 days warranty and SLA packages for continuous product support.

Why Choose Megamind Creations for MVP Development

We follow a definite process in order to rapidly launch an MVP in the market. For each solution, we follow the learn, build and measure approach

Product Launch and Support

We handle the process of publishing your app to the App Store and Google Play Market. After the release we will care about your solution, so you can focus on your business

Team Culture

Megamind Creations speaks the same language as you do. According to reviews, communication, passion and a result-oriented approach are the main factors that set us apart

Future Proof

We use the most innovative development languages and frameworks like Swift, Kotlin, Flutter, React, and Node. All our apps comply with regulations, ensure data security, and are built for scalability

Engagement Models

Unwrap solutions for your digital journey, from captivating websites and smooth-running apps to insightful consulting that pushes your boundaries

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Frequently Asked Questions

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More often MVP development process takes from 3 to 6 months, depending on project complexity and features including in the first MVP version.

It’s hard to say cost precisely, but based on Megamind Creation’s great expertise MVP development starts from $25 000, and sure depends on complexity, product functionality, quantity of features and so on. Contact Megamind Creation to get a ballpark estimate for your product idea.

It depends on your idea and goals. If it's a simple mobile or web app with essential features like processing simple requests from users or displaying static data — no-code or low-code tools may be sufficient to cover your needs. This approach may also have some restrictions regarding functionality, customizations, and scalability. So, if you plan to work with photo/video editing, social networks, or add complex animations — it’s better to apply for a custom MVP development service.

Once the MVP version is released, we start collecting the data and analyze how early adopters use your app, what features they like and what features need to be improved. Based on the analytics results, we plan further product development steps.

First, we highlight the main features of your application, it may be one or two of them. After that, we identify what additional blocks of functionality are needed for convenient use of the main functions. The main thing at this stage is not to overcomplicate and stay within the basic minimum of functionality.